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1. (n.) The act of expressing; the act of forcing out by pressure; as, the expression of juices or oils; also, of extorting or eliciting; as, a forcible expression of truth.

2. (n.) The act of declaring or signifying; declaration; utterance; as, an expression of the public will.

3. (n.) Lively or vivid representation of meaning, sentiment, or feeling, etc.; significant and impressive indication, whether by language, appearance, or gesture; that manner or style which gives life and suggestive force to ideas and sentiments; as, he reads with expression; her performance on the piano has expression.

4. (n.) That which is expressed by a countenance, a posture, a work of art, etc.; look, as indicative of thought or feeling.

5. (n.) A form of words in which an idea or sentiment is conveyed; a mode of speech; a phrase; as, a common expression; an odd expression.

6. (n.) The representation of any quantity by its appropriate characters or signs.

Christophany Parthian shot Satanophany accent adage address adjectival phrase affirmation air airing allegation ana analects angelophany announcement answer antonym aphorism apostrophe apothegm appearance ardor articulateness articulation aspect assertion asseveration avatar averment avulsion axiom byword cantando cast catchword characterization choice of words clause collected sayings command of language command of words comment communication composition concentration construction countenance crack current saying cutting out declaration decoction delivery demilegato demonstration denomination denotation depth deracination designation dialect dictate diction dictum differentiation disclosure disentanglement dissemination distich distillation drawing drawing out dredging drilling effective style eloquence eloquent tongue embodiment emotion enucleation enunciation epigram epiphany eradication evidence evincement evolvement evulsion excavation excision exclamation execution expressiveness exsection extirpation extraction extrication face facundity feeling felicitousness felicity fingering formulation free form gesture gift of expression gift of gab glibness glissando gnome golden saying grammar graphicness greeting headed group hint homograph homonym homophone identification idiom idiotism incarnation indication indicativeness infusion intensity interjection intonation issue language legato lexeme linguistic form locution logos look loudness manifestation manner of speaking materialization maxim meaning meaningfulness mention metonym mezzo staccato mien minimum free form mining monosyllable moral mot motto music-making naming note noun phrase nuance observation oracle oratory paragraph parlance parlando passion pathos peculiar expression performance period phrasal idiom phrase phraseology phrasing pianism picking out pithy saying pizzicato pneumatophany pointing pointing out pointing to polysyllable position precept prescript pressing pressing out pronouncement proof proverb proverbial saying proverbs publication pulling quarrying question reflection remark reminder removal rendering rendition repercussion representation revelation rhetoric ripping out rubato saw say saying selection sensitivity sentence sententious expression set phrase shading show showing sign signification silver tongue slickness sloka slur smoothness soaking softness specification speech spiccato spirit squeezing squeezing out staccato standard phrase statement steeping stock saying style subjoinder suggestion sutra syllable symbol symptomaticness synonym syntactic structure talk teaching term text


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