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1. (a.) Exactly representing; exact.

2. (a.) Directly and distinctly stated; declared in terms; not implied or left to inference; made unambiguous by intention and care; clear; not dubious; as, express consent; an express statement.

3. (a.) Intended for a particular purpose; relating to an express; sent on a particular errand; dispatched with special speed; as, an express messenger or train. Also used adverbially.

4. (n.) A clear image or representation; an expression; a plain declaration.

5. (n.) A messenger sent on a special errand; a courier; hence, a regular and fast conveyance; commonly, a company or system for the prompt and safe transportation of merchandise or parcels; also, a railway train for transporting passengers or goods with speed and punctuality.

6. (n.) An express office.

7. (n.) That which is sent by an express messenger or message.

8. (v.) To press or squeeze out; as, to express the juice of grapes, or of apples; hence, to extort; to elicit.

9. (v.) To make or offer a representation of; to show by a copy or likeness; to represent; to resemble.

10. (v.) To give a true impression of; to represent and make known; to manifest plainly; to show in general; to exhibit, as an opinion or feeling, by a look, gesture, and esp. by language; to declare; to utter; to tell.

11. (v.) To make known the opinions or feelings of; to declare what is in the mind of; to show (one's self); to cause to appear; -- used reflexively.

12. (v.) To denote; to designate.

13. (v.) To send by express messenger; to forward by special opportunity, or through the medium of an express; as, to express a package.

Amtrak Aquarius Ganymede Hebe Hermes Iris Mercury PP Paul Revere Pheidippides RD RFD absolute accurate admitting no exception advice affect affirm agile air air-express airfreight airmail all-out allege announce annunciate apparent approve argue articulate assert assever asseverate attest aver avouch avow baggage train be indicative of be significant of be symptomatic of bearer bespeak betoken bheesty book post brandish breakneck breathe bring forth bring forward bring into view bring out bring to life bring to notice broach busboy by airmail by cable by express by return mail by telegraph cable railroad caddie cargo handler carrier carrier pigeon carter categorical certain character characterize chime choo-choo chorus circulate clean-cut clear clear as crystal clear as day clear-cut close cog railroad cog railway coherent come out with commissionaire common carrier communicate communication communique complete conceive concentrate conclusive concrete connected connote consign consistent constant contend convey conveyer coolie correspondence couch couch in terms courier crisp crush crystal-clear crystalline cupbearer dangle dashing decided decisive declare decoct defined definite definitive delicate delineate deliver demonstrate denominate denote depict describe designate detailed determinate develop different differentiate diplomatic courier direct direct mail direct-mail selling discernible discharge disclose dispatch display distill distinct distinguished divulge double-quick downright drain dramatize draw drayman drop a letter eagle-winged el electric electric train elevated embark embassy embody embody in words emissary emit enact entail entire enunciate esoteric especial essentialize estafette even evidence evident evince evoke exact exceptional exhibit expedite expeditious expel explicit export expose expose to view express train expressed expressman extract extraordinary faithful fast final fine fixed flat flat-out flaunt fleet flier fling off flourish flying force out formularize formulate forward fourth-class mail frame frank freight freight train freighter funicular furnish evidence galloping get across give give evidence give expression give expression to give indication of give out with give sign give token give tongue give utterance give voice give words to global go to show go-between goods train gun bearer hair-trigger halfpenny post hasty hauler have headlong highlight hint hold homing pigeon hustling identify illuminate


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