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1. (a.) Leaving nothing implied, clear and definite in language; as, explicit lyrics\; open to the understanding; clear; not obscure or ambiguous; express; unequivocal; as, an explicit declaration.

2. (a.) Having no disguised meaning or reservation; unreserved; outspoken; -- applied to persons; as, he was earnest and explicit in his statement.

absolute accurate admitting no exception all-out apparent artless bluff blunt broad brusque candid categorical categorically certain clean-cut clear clear as crystal clear as day clear-cut coherent complete conclusive connected consistent correct crisp crystal-clear crystalline decided decisive defined definite definitely definitive determinate direct discernible distinct downright entire evident exact explicitly express final fixed flat flat-out forthright frank frankhearted free free-speaking free-spoken free-tongued genuine global heart-to-heart implicit inappealable indisputable indubitable ingenuous limpid loud and clear lucid luminous manifest noticeable observable obvious open open-and-shut openhearted out-and-out outright outspoken palpable patent pellucid perceivable perceptible peremptory perfect perspicuous plain plain as day plain-spoken positive precise round seeable self-evident self-explaining self-explanatory simple sincere specific specifically stated straight straight-out straightforward sure tangible to be seen total translucent transparent transpicuous unambiguous unchecked uncircumscribed unconditional unconditioned unconfused unconstrained understandable undoubting unequivocal unguarded unhampered unhesitating univocal unlimited unmistakable unmitigated unqualified unquestioning unreserved unrestrained unrestricted unwaivable utter visible well-defined whole without exception without reserve


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