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1. (n.) The act of opening, unfolding, or explaining; explanation; exposition; interpretation.

2. (n.) The sense given by an expositor.

ability accomplished fact accomplishments achievement acquirement acquisition of knowledge acquisitions act acta action administration advance advancement advent adventure amplification answer appearance approach arrival ascertainment attainment attainments blossoming blow bringing to fruition clearing up coming commission completion conclusion conduct consummation coup cracking culmination dealings decipherment decoding deed denouement determination development developmental change discharge disentanglement dispatch doing doings edification education effectuation effort elaboration enactment end end result endeavor enlargement enlightenment enterprise evolution evolutionary change evolvement evolving execution expansion explanation explication exploit fait accompli feat finding finding-out finish flowering fortunate outcome furtherance gest gift go gradual change growth hand handiwork handling illumination implementation instruction interpretation issue job learning liberal education management maneuver maturation measure move natural development natural growth nonviolent change operation outcome overproduction overt act passage performance perpetration proceeding production productiveness progress progression prosperity prosperous issue reaching realization reason res gestae resolution resolving result riddling ripening rise skill solution solving sophistication sorting out step store of knowledge stroke stunt success talent thing thing done tour de force transaction triumph turn undertaking unraveling unriddling unscrambling unspinning untangling untwisting unweaving upshot victory work working working-out works


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