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1. (a.) Having the power of preventing entrance; debarring from participation or enjoyment; possessed and enjoyed to the exclusion of others; as, exclusive bars; exclusive privilege; exclusive circles of society.

2. (a.) Not taking into the account; excluding from consideration; -- opposed to inclusive; as, five thousand troops, exclusive of artillery.

3. (n.) One of a coterie who exclude others; one who from real of affected fastidiousness limits his acquaintance to a select few.

Olympian a certain absolute aloof an any any one apart from aristocratic arrogant article atomic barring beat budget of news chic chilly choice chosen clannish classy cliquish closed cold concentrated confining contemptuous contumelious cool copy dashing debarring defining definitive detached disdainful distant either elect elegant elite ethnocentric except for excepting exceptional excluding exclusive of exclusory fashionable fixed forbidding frigid frosty haughty high-hat icy ignoring inaccessible inadmissible incompatible individual indivisible inhibitive inhibitory inimical insular integral interdictive interdictory irreducible limitary limitative limited limiting lone modish monadic monistic narrow news item not counting offish omitting one only parochial pick picked piece preclusive preferred prescriptive preventive private privileged prohibiting prohibitive prohibitory proscriptive remote removed repressive restricted restricting restrictive scoop scornful seclusive segregative select selected selective separative simple single singular smart sneering sniffy snobbish snobby snooty snotty sole solid solitary spot news standoff standoffish story stylish supercilious suppressive swank swish tony toploftical toplofty trendy unanalyzable unapproachable undistracted undivided uniform unique unitary unshared unswerving whole with-it withdrawn withering xenophobic


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