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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Excite.

2. (a.) Calling or rousing into action; producing excitement; as, exciting events; an exciting story.

acceptable adorable agitating agreeable alluring amazing appealing appetizing ardent arresting astonishing astounding attractive beguiling bewitching blandishing breathtaking burning cajoling captivating catching challenging charged charismatic charming cliff-hanging coaxing come-hither coquettish desirable disquieting distracting disturbing electric electrifying emphatic enchanting encouraging energizing engaging enravishing enthralling enthusiastic enticing entrancing enviable exhilarating exhilarative exotic fascinating fervent fetching fiery flirtatious galvanic galvanizing glamorous glowing heady heart-expanding heart-stirring heart-swelling heart-thrilling hypnotic impassioned impressive inflammatory inspiring interesting intoxicating intriguing invigorating inviting irresistible jarring jolting juicy likable lively lovable maddening mesmeric mind-blowing mind-boggling mouth-watering moving overcoming overmastering overpowering overwhelming passionate perturbing piquant pleasing prepossessing prompting provocative provoking provoquant racy ravishing readable rich rip-roaring rousing seducing seductive sensuous sexy siren sirenic soul-stirring spellbinding spellful spicy spirit-stirring stimulant stimulating stimulative stirring striking succulent suspenseful suspensive taking tantalizing teasing telling tempting thought-challenging thought-inspiring thought-provoking thrilling thrilly tickling titillating titillative to be desired toothsome troubling unobjectionable unsettling upsetting urgent vehement voluptuous warm winning winsome witching worth having


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