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1. (n.) A title of honor given to certain high dignitaries\, esp. to viceroys, ministers, and ambassadors, to English colonial governors, etc. It was formerly sometimes given to kings and princes.

2. (n.) Excellence; virtue; dignity; worth; superiority.

accomplishment acquired taste advantageousness agreeableness appreciation of excellence arete ascendancy auspiciousness beneficialness benevolence benignity choiceness civilized taste civilizedness class cogency consequence conspicuousness cultivated taste cultivation culture daintiness deanship delicacy desert discrimination distinction elegance elevation eminence exaltation excellency expedience fairness fastidiousness favor favorableness fineness finesse first-rateness good taste goodliness goodness grace gracefulness gracility graciosity graciousness grandeur greatness healthiness helpfulness high mightiness importance incomparability inimitability kindness lead loftiness majority mark merit niceness nicety nobility notability note one-upmanship outstandingness perfection pleasantness polish precedence predominance predomination preeminence preponderance prepotence prepotency prerogative prestige priority privilege profitableness prominence quality refinement rewardingness right-of-way seniority significance skill skillfulness sophistication soundness sublimity subtlety success superbness supereminence superiority supremacy taste tastefulness transcendence transcendency usefulness validity value virtue virtuosity virtuousness wholeness worth


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