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(adv.) In an exact manner; precisely according to a rule, standard, or fact; accurately; strictly; correctly; nicely.

OK Roger absolutely accurately all all in all all right alright alrighty altogether amen as well as you say assuredly at the gun aye bang by all means certainly closely completely concretely conscientiously correctly da dead definitely directly distinctly especially even exactingly explicitly expressly exquisitely faithfully faultlessly fine flush full fussily good good enough hear in all respects in detail in every respect in particular in toto indeed indeedy ipsissimis verbis item by item ja just just so kerplunk literally literatim mais oui methodically meticulously minutely most assuredly naturally naturellement nicely of course okay on the dot on the instant on the minute on time oui particularly perfectly plop plumb plump plunk point-blank positively precisely punctiliously punctually quite rather really refinedly right righto rigidly rigorously scrupulously separately sharp singly smack smack-dab spang specially specifically square squarely stick straight strictly sure sure thing surely systematically to be specific to be sure to the letter to the minute totally truly undeniably undeviatingly unequivocally unerringly utterly verbally verbatim verbatim et litteratim very well well and good wholly why yes with exactitude with great nicety with precision word by word word for word yea yeah yep yes yes indeed yes indeedy yes sir yes sirree


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