1. (a. & a. pron.) All the parts which compose a whole collection or aggregate number, considered in their individuality, all taken separately one by one, out of an indefinite number.

2. (a. & a. pron.) Every one. Cf.

A to Z A to izzard Copernican universe Einsteinian universe Newtonian universe Ptolemaic universe acme across the board aggregate all and some all and sundry all being all creation all hands all in all all put together all the world all-embracing all-inclusive allness alpha and omega altogether any apogee as a body as a whole aside assemblage at large be-all be-all and end-all beginning and end bodily ceiling climax collectively complement complete comprehensive corporately cosmos created nature created universe creation crown each each and all each and every each one en bloc en masse end entire entirely entirety every every man Jack every one everybody everyman everyone everything everything that is exactly exhaustive expanding universe extreme extremity full gross highest degree holistic in a body in all in all respects in bulk in its entirety in the aggregate in the gross in the lump in the mass in toto inclusive integral integrated just length and breadth limit macrocosm macrocosmos maximum megacosm metagalaxy nature ne plus ultra nth degree omneity omnibus on all counts one one and all one and indivisible outright package package deal peak per per capita pinnacle plenary plenum pulsating universe purely quite set sidereal universe steady-state universe stick sum sum of things sum total summit system the corpus the ensemble the entirety the lot the whole the whole range top total totality totality of being totally tote tout ensemble tout le monde universal universe utmost utmost extent utterly uttermost whole whole wide world wholly wide world world world without end


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