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1. (n.) The act of estimating.

2. (n.) An opinion or judgment of the worth, extent, or quantity of anything, formed without using precise data; valuation; as, estimations of distance, magnitude, amount, or moral qualities.

3. (v. t.) Favorable opinion; esteem; regard; honor.

4. (v. t.) Supposition; conjecture.

account adding admiration adoration analyzing apotheosis appraisal appraisement appraising appreciation apprizal approbation approval approximation arithmetic assessing assessment assize assizement assumption attitude awe breathless adoration calculation calculus casting ciphering climate of opinion common belief community sentiment computation conceit concept conception conclusion consensus gentium consideration correction courtesy credit deference deification determination dual pricing duty esteem estimate ethos evaluating evaluation evaluative criticism exaggerated respect eye favor feeling figuring footing gauge gauging general belief great respect guess hero worship high regard homage honor idea idolatry idolization impression instrumentation judgement judgment lights measure measurement measuring mensuration metric system mind mystique notion observation opinion personal judgment point of view popular belief position posture prestige presumption prevailing belief price determination pricing public belief public opinion quantification quantization ranking rating reaction reckoning regard respect reverence reverential regard sentiment sight stance stock survey surveying telemetering telemetry theory thinking thought totaling toting triangulation unit pricing valuation valuing veneration view way of thinking weighing worship worth


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