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(imp. & p. p.) of Establish.

accepted acknowledged actual admitted ascertained assigned assured attested authenticated borne out categorically true certain certified chronic circumstantiated confirmed conformable consuetudinary conventional corroborated current customary decided deep-dyed deep-engraven deep-fixed deep-grounded deep-laid deep-rooted deep-seated deep-set deep-settled demonstrated deployed determinate determined documentary dyed-in-the-wool effectual embedded embosomed embossed emplaced engrafted engraved ensconced entrenched etched everyday factual familiar fast firmly established fixed folk generally accepted graven guaranteed hallowed handed down heroic historical hoary immemorial implanted impressed imprinted in the bag incorrigible inculcated indelibly impressed infixed ingrained ingrown installed instilled inveterate inwrought irreversible legendary located long-established long-standing made sure mythological nailed down normal not in error objectively true obtaining of long standing of the folk old-line on a rock on bedrock on ice open-and-shut oral ordinary placed planted popular positioned posted prescribed prescriptive prevalent proved proven real received recognized regular regulation rooted seated secure set settled settled in habit shown situate situated spotted stabilized standard stated stationed stock substantiated sure-enough tested thorough time-honored traditional tried tried and true TRUE true as gospel true-blue truthful unconfuted undenied understood undoubted unerroneous unfallacious unfalse unmistaken unquestionable unrefuted unwritten usual validated venerable veracious verified veritable vested warranted well-established well-founded well-grounded well-set well-settled widespread wonted worshipful


Establish Residence
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