(n.) Spirit.

Atticism Vernunft accord accordance acuity acumen acuteness adroitness affinity agape agile wit agreement amity animal spirits animation aptitude aptness being bipartisanship black humor bonds of harmony bones bosom brain braininess brains breast brightness brilliance brio brotherly love burlesque camaraderie capersomeness caricature caritas cement of friendship charity clear thinking cleverness coaction coadjuvancy coadministration coagency cochairmanship codirectorship collaboration collaborativeness collectivism collusion coltishness comedy commensalism common effort common enterprise communalism communion communism communitarianism community community of interests compatibility complicity conception concert concord concordance concurrence congeniality cooperation cooperativeness correspondence courage dash devotion dexterity discourse of reason discursive reason dry wit duet duumvirate ecumenicalism ecumenicism ecumenism elan empathy enthusiasm esprit de corps exuberance farce feeling of identity fellow feeling fellowship fervor flair frictionlessness friskiness frolicsomeness gaiety gamesomeness gayness genius giftedness gifts good vibes good vibrations gray matter gusto guts happy family harmony head headpiece heart heart of hearts heartiness heartstrings humor identity inmost heart inmost soul innermost being intellect intellection intellectual faculty intelligence irony joining of forces joint effort joint operation keen-wittedness keenness kinship lampoon life like-mindedness liveliness love loyalty mass action mens mental alertness mental capacity mentality mercurial mind mettle mind morale mutual assistance mutualism mutuality native cleverness nimble mind nimble wit nimble-wittedness nimbleness nous octet oneness oomph parody passion peace piss and vinegar playfulness pleasantry pooling pooling of resources power of reason pretty wit psyche pulling together quartet quick parts quick thinking quick wit quick-wittedness quickness quintet rapport rapprochement ratio rationality ready wit reason reasoning reasoning faculty reciprocity rollicksomeness rompishness salt sarcasm satire savor of wit savvy secret places septet sextet sharing sharp-wittedness sharpness skittishness slapstick slapstick humor smartness smarts solidarity soul spirit spiritedness spirits sportiveness sprightliness sprightly wit squib subtle wit symbiosis sympathy symphony synergism synergy talent team spirit teamwork tenacity travesty trio triumvirate troika understanding union unison united action unity verve vigor vim viscera visual humor vitality vivacity wit zest zestfulness zing zip


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