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(a.) Designed for, and understood by, the specially initiated alone; not communicated, or not intelligible, to the general body of followers; private; interior; achromatic; -- said of the private and more recondite instructions and doctrines of philosophers. Opposed to exoteric.

absolute abstract abstruse anagogic arcane auricular between the lines between us cabalic cabalistic censored certain classified close closed concealed concrete confidential covert cryptic dark deep deep-seated defined definite delitescent detailed determinate different distinct distinguished dormant eerie enigmatic especial exceptional express extramundane extraordinary extraterrestrial fey fixed heavy hermetic hibernating hidden hush-hush hypernormal hyperphysical immanent implanted implicit in petto inalienable individual indwelling infixed ingrained inherent inner inside internal intimate intrinsic inward inwrought irreducible latent lurking metaphysic minute muffled mysterious mystic not for publication noteworthy numinous obfuscated obscured occult off the record otherworldly particular personal possible potential precise preterhuman preternatural preternormal pretersensual private privileged profound psychic recondite resident respective restricted sealed secret several singular sleeping smothered solipsistic special specific spiritual stifled subjective submerged superhuman supernatural supernormal superphysical supersensible supersensual suppressed supramundane supranatural theosophical theosophist top secret transcendental transmundane ulterior unalienable unbreatheable unchallengeable under privilege under security under the surface under wraps underlying undisclosable undisclosed undivulgable undivulged unearthly unhuman unmanifested unpublishable unquestionable unrevealable unrevealed unspoken untellable untold unutterable unuttered unwhisperable unworldly veiled virtual


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