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1. (a.) Affecting a large number of animals in a particular region; as an epizootic disease\.

2. (a.) Containing fossil remains; -- said of rocks, formations, mountains, and the like.

3. (a.) of the nature of a disease which attacks many animals at the same time; -- corresponding to epidemic diseases among men.

4. (n.) An epizootic disease; a murrain; an epidemic influenza among horses.

African lethargy Asiatic cholera Chagres fever German measles Haverhill fever acute articular rheumatism ague alkali disease ambulatory plague amebiasis amebic dysentery anthrax bacillary dysentery bastard measles black fever black plague blackwater fever breakbone fever brucellosis bubonic plague cachectic fever cellulocutaneous plague cerebral rheumatism chicken pox cholera cowpox dandy fever deer fly fever defervescing plague dengue dengue fever diphtheria dumdum fever dysentery elephantiasis encephalitis lethargica enteric fever epidemic epiphytotic epizootic erysipelas famine fever five-day fever flu frambesia glandular fever glandular plague grippe hansenosis hemorrhagic plague hepatitis herpes herpes simplex herpes zoster histoplasmosis hookworm hydrophobia infantile paralysis infectious mononucleosis inflammatory rheumatism influenza jail fever jungle rot kala azar kissing disease larval plague lepra leprosy leptospirosis loa loa loaiasis lockjaw madness malaria malarial fever marsh fever measles meningitis milzbrand mumps murrain ornithosis osteomyelitis pandemia pandemic paratyphoid fever parotitis parrot fever pertussis pest pesthole pestilence plague plague spot pneumonia pneumonic plague polio poliomyelitis polyarthritis rheumatism ponos premonitory plague psittacosis rabbit fever rabies rat-bite fever relapsing fever rheumatic fever rickettsialpox ringworm rubella rubeola scarlatina scarlet fever schistosomiasis scourge septic sore throat septicemic plague shingles siderating plague sleeping sickness sleepy sickness smallpox snail fever splenic fever spotted fever strep throat swamp fever tetanus thrush tinea trench fever trench mouth tuberculosis tularemia typhoid typhoid fever typhus typhus fever undulant fever vaccinia varicella variola venereal disease viral dysentery white plague whooping cough yaws yellow fever yellow jack zona zoster


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