1. (v.) To involve; to necessitate\.

2. (n.) An estate in fee entailed, or limited in descent to a particular class of issue.

3. (n.) The rule by which the descent is fixed.

4. (n.) Delicately carved ornamental work; intaglio.

5. (n.) To settle or fix inalienably on a person or thing, or on a person and his descendants or a certain line of descendants; -- said especially of an estate; to bestow as an heritage.

6. (n.) To appoint hereditary possessor.

7. (n.) To cut or carve in a ornamental way.

add a codicil affect allegorize allude to argue assume be indicative of be significant of be symptomatic of bequeath bequeathal bequest bespeak betoken birthright borough-English bring bring to mind call for cause characterize coheirship comprise connote contain coparcenary demand denominate denote devise differentiate disclose display execute a will express gavelkind give evidence give rise to give token hand down hand on heirloom heirship hereditament heritable heritage heritance highlight hint identify implicate imply import impose incorporeal hereditament indicate infer inheritance insinuate intimate involve law of succession lead to leave legacy line of succession make a bequest make a will manifest mark mean mean to say mode of succession necessitate note occasion pass on patrimony point indirectly to postremogeniture presume presuppose primogeniture require reveal reversion show signify stand for subsume succession suggest suppose symptomatize symptomize take take for granted take in testify transmit ultimogeniture will will and bequeath will to


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