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1. (n.) The act of engaging, pledging, enlisting, occupying, or entering into contest.

2. (n.) The state of being engaged, pledged or occupied; specif., a pledge to take some one as husband or wife.

3. (n.) That which engages; engrossing occupation; employment of the attention; obligation by pledge, promise, or contract; an enterprise embarked in; as, his engagements prevented his acceptance of any office.

4. (n.) An action; a fight; a battle.

5. (n.) The state of being in gear; as, one part of a clutch is brought into engagement with the other part.

Olympic games Olympics absorbed attention absorption action affair affiance agreement allurement alternation application appointment arrangement assignation association attempt banns banns of matrimony bargain battle berth bespeaking betrothal betrothing betrothment billet blandishment blind date booking borscht circuit bout briefing business cajolement cajolery circuit coaction coaxing cochairmanship combat commission commitment complementary distribution complicity concentration concours concurrence condominium conflict conning contemplation contest contract contribution cooperation copartnership copartnery cotenancy covenant date deal deep study deep thought derby double date effort embarrassment employment encounter engagement book engaging engrossment enlistment enmeshment entanglement enterprise espousal exhortation fight game games get-together gig go gymkhana handfasting having a part hiring hortation immersion implication inclusion incumbency inducement intentness interaction interchange intercommunication intercourse interlacing intermeshing interplay intertwining interview interweaving interworking invitation involution involvement jawboning job joint chairmanship joint control joint ownership joint tenancy joust lobbying marriage contract marriage proposal match matching meditation meet meeting mesh meshing monomania moonlighting obligation obsession offer of marriage office opening operation partaking participation partnership persuasion place plan playing engagement pledge plight plighted faith plighted troth position post preaching preachment preengagement preoccupation profound thought program project promise proposal proposition quid pro quo rally rapt attention recognizance relation rencontre rendezvous reservation retainment run sales talk salesmanship second job seesaw selling service sharing single-mindedness situation snow job soft soap solicitation spot stand station studiousness study suasion submersion suffrage sweet talk taking on task tenure test tilt tit for tat tour tournament tourney trial troth tryst understanding undertaking vacancy vaudeville circuit venture verbal agreement visit voting wheedling word work working on


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