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(n.) The act of surrounding, or the state of being surrounded; circumvention.

Anschluss L access accession accessory accident accidental accompaniment accord accretion accrual accruement accumulation acquirement acquisition addenda addendum adding additament additionally additive additory additum adjunct adjuvant advance affairs affiliation affinity agglomeration aggrandizement aggregation agreement alliance also amalgamation ampliation amplification annex annexation appanage appendage appendant appendix appreciation approximation appurtenance appurtenant as well as well as ascent assemblage assimilation association attachment attainment augment augmentation auxiliary ballooning besides beyond blend blending bloating bond boom boost broadening buildup cabal cartel centralization closeness coalescence coalition coda collateral combination combine combining combo coming by complement composition concomitant confederacy confederation congeries conglomeration conjugation conjunction connectedness connection consolidation conspiracy contiguity contingency contingent continuation contrariety corollary crescendo dealings deduction deployment development differentiation disjunction dispersion division dragging down earnings ecumenism edema elevation ell embodiment encompassment enlargement enosis equation evolution expansion extension extra extrapolation fanning out federalization federation filiation fixture flare flood furthermore fusion gain gaining getting getting hold of greatening growth gush happenstance hike hiking homology hookup in addition in addition to incidental inclusion incorporation increase increment inessential inflation integration intercourse interpolation intimacy into the bargain inversion involution joining jump junction junta league leap liaison link linkage linking magnification making marriage meld melding mere chance merger moneygetting moneygrubbing moneymaking moreover mounting multiplication mutual attraction nearness nonessential not-self notation obtainment obtention offshoot other over and above package package deal pendant practice procural procurance procuration procurement productiveness proliferation propinquity proportion proximity putting together raise raising rapport reckoning reduction reinforcement relatedness relation relations relationship rider rise secondary securement side effect side issue similarity snowballing solidification splay spread spreading subsidiary subtraction summation summing-up superaddition supplement surge swelling sympathy syncretism syndication syneresis synthesis tailpiece tie tie-in tie-up to boot too transformation trover


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