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(v. t.) To surround closely; to encircle; to enclose; as, a ring encompasses the finger; an army encompasses a city\; a voyage encompassing the world.

accouple accumulate add admit agglutinate amalgamate amass articulate assemble assimilate associate band beleaguer beset besiege blend blockade bond bound box in bracket bridge bridge over cage carry cement chain chamber circle circuit circuiteer circulate circumambulate circummigrate circumnavigate circumvent clap together close close in close the circle coalesce collect combine come full circle come together compass compass about complete compound comprehend comprise concatenate conglobulate conjoin conjugate connect consolidate contain coop coop in coop up copulate cordon cordon off corral count in couple cover cycle delimit describe a circle embay embody embosom embrace encircle enclasp enclose enfold enshrine envelop environ envisage enwrap extend fence in fill fill in fill out flank flux fuse gather gird girdle girdle the globe glue go go about go around go out go round go the round gyre harass harry have hedge in hem hem in hold house in impound imprison incarcerate include incorporate integrate interblend interfuse invest involve jail join kennel knot lap lay siege to lay together league leaguer lie link lump together make a circuit make one marry marshal mass meld melt into one merge mew mew up mix mobilize number among occupy orbit pair pen pen in piece together pocket put together quarantine rail in range reach reach out receive reckon among reckon in reckon with reembody revolve ring roll into one round run shade into shrine shut in shut up skirt soften up solder solidify span spiral splice spread stable stick together straddle stretch stretch out subsume surround sweep syncretize syndicate synthesize take in take into account take into consideration take up tape thrust out tie unify unite wall in weld wheel wrap yard yard up yoke


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