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1. (n.) The highest heaven, where the pure element of fire was supposed by the ancients to subsist.

2. (a.) Empyreal.

CAT Caelus action actions activity acts address advertise aerate aerodynamics aerospace aerosphere affectation air air hole air out air pocket air-condition air-cool airify airspace airy nothing analyze aria atmosphere atom atomic particles aura azure bearing behavior behavior pattern behavioral norm behavioral science blazon forth blue sky brandish break it to break the news breathe breeze broach broadcast brow brute matter bubble building block bump caelum canopy canopy of heaven canto cantus canvass carriage cast cast of countenance ceiling cerulean chaff chemical element chip climate cobweb color come out with comment upon complexion component comportment conduct confide confide to consider constituent controvert cooling breeze cope cork countenance cross-ventilate crosswind culture pattern custom dangle deal with debate declare deliberate deliberate upon demeanor demonstrate deportment descant discourse about discover discuss display divulgate divulge doing doings down dust earth element elementary particle elementary unit emblazon empty space empyrean ether evulgate examine exchange views exhibit face facial appearance fairy fan favor favorable wind feather feature features feel feeling fire firmament flash flaunt flourish flue fluff fluid foam fog folkway freshen front froth fundamental particle fuzz gale garb gas gentle wind gestures give give out give vent to go into goings-on gossamer guise halogen gas handle head wind heaven heavens high-pressure area hold up hole hyaline hyle hypostasis illusion inert gas investigate ionosphere jetstream knock around lay let get around let in on let out lift lifts light air light breeze light wind line lineaments lines looks low-pressure area maintien make known make public manifest manner manners material material world materiality matter measure melodia melodic line melody method methodology methods mien milieu mist moderate breeze modus vivendi molecule monad mote motions movements moves natural world nature noise abroad note observable behavior ocean breeze onshore breeze open up out with overcast overtone oxygenate oxygenize parade pass under review pattern phantom physical world physiognomy plenum pneumatics pocket poise port pose posture practice praxis presence procedure proceeding proclaim publish put put forth put forward put out quality rap reason


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