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1. (n.) The state of being empty; absence of contents; void space; vacuum; as, the emptiness of a vessel; emptiness of the stomach.

2. (n.) Want of solidity or substance; unsatisfactoriness; inability to satisfy desire; vacuity; hollowness; the emptiness of earthly glory.

3. (n.) Want of knowledge; lack of sense; vacuity of mind.

absence absence of mind absurdity acreage aimlessness angst anguish anxiety appetite area aridity bareness barrenness big deal blankness bleakness bloodlessness bootlessness boredom breadth canine appetite casuistry characterlessness cheerlessness colorlessness continuum crossed fingers dead letter deadness deprivation desertedness desolateness desolation dimension discomfort discomposure discontent disingenuousness dislike dismalness displeasure disquiet dissatisfaction dragginess dread dreariness drought dryness dullness dustiness effeteness emotionlessness empty sound empty space empty stomach empty-headedness ennui etiolation existential woe expanse expansion expressionlessness extension extent fatuity fecklessness field flatness flimsiness foolishness frivolity frivolousness fruitlessness futility galactic space grimness heaviness hollow hunger hollow mockery hollowness hunger hungriness idleness impotence inanition inanity ineffectiveness ineffectuality inefficacy inexcitability infinite space inquietude insignificance insincerity insipidity insipidness interstellar space jejunity jesuitry joylessness lack of pleasure leadenness levity lifelessness lightness lowness of spirit malaise meaninglessness measure mental void mere noise mockery nausea negation negativeness negativity nihility noise nonbeing nonentity nonexistence nongratification noninhabitance nonoccupance nonoccupancy nonoccurrence nonreality nonresidence nonsatisfaction nonsensicality nonsubsistence not-being nothingness nugacity nullity opening otiosity outer space painfulness paleness pallor phatic communion place open pointlessness pokiness polydipsia ponderousness profitlessness proportion purposelessness rat race relish savorlessness senselessness shallowness silliness slenderness slightness slowness solemnity sophistry space spatial extension sphere spiritlessness spleen spread staleness sterility stiffness stodginess stomach stuffiness superficial extension superficiality surface sweet tooth tapeworm taste tastelessness tediousness tedium the absurd thirst thirstiness tongue in cheek torment of Tantalus tract triflingness triteness triviality trivialness unactuality uncandidness uncandor uncomfortableness unease uneasiness unfrankness unhappiness uninterestingness unliveliness unmeaningness unpleasure unproductiveness unprofitability unprofitableness unreality unsatisfaction unsignificancy uselessness vacancy vacant post vacantness vacuity vacuousness vacuum valuelessness vanity vapidity vapidness vexation of spirit vicious circle void voidness volume woodenness worthlessness


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