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Christophanic Satanophanic accessible adoring affectional affectionate affective allegorizing angelophanic annotative apodictic appearing approachable candid clarifying communicative conjugal connotative conversable critical demonstrating demonstrational demythologizing denominative denotative designative devoted diagnostic disclosive displaying editorial effusive elucidative emblematic emotiometabolic emotiomotor emotional emotiovascular emotive enlightening epiphanic euhemeristic evident evidential evincive exegetic exemplificative exhibitive expansive explaining explanatory explicative explicatory expositional expositive expository expressive extroverted faithful feeling figural figurative filial fond frank free free-speaking free-spoken free-tongued glandular glossarial gossipy gut husbandly identifying ideographic idiosyncratic illuminating illuminative illustrative implicative incarnating incarnational indicating indicative indicatory individual languishing lovelorn lovesick lovesome loving manifestative materializing maternal meaningful melting metaphorical naming newsy of soul open outgoing outpouring outspoken overdemonstrative parental paternal pathognomonic peculiar plain pneumatophanic presentational probative profuse promulgatory provable rationalistic rationalizing representative revelational revelatory romantic scholiastic self-revealing self-revelatory semantic semiotic sentimental showing signalizing significant significative signifying sociable soft soulful suggestive symbolic symbolistic symbological symptomatic symptomatologic talkative tender theophanic typical unconstrained unhampered unrepressed unreserved unrestrained unrestricted unreticent unsecretive unshrinking unsilent unsuppressed uxorious visceral warm wifely


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