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1. (n.) The act of embodying; the state of being embodied.

2. (n.) That which embodies or is embodied; representation in a physical body; a completely organized system, like the body; as, the embodiment of courage, or of courtesy; the embodiment of true piety.

Anschluss Christophany Satanophany acting actualization addition admissibility admission affiliation agglomeration aggregation agreement alliance amalgamation angelophany aping apotheosis appearance archetype assemblage assembly assimilation association avatar blend blending bodiliness building buildup cabal cartel centralization characterization coalescence coalition codification collection collectivity combination combine combo completeness complex composition compound comprehension comprehensiveness comprisal concentration concreteness concretization confederacy confederation congeries conglomeration conjugation conjunction consolidation conspiracy constitution construction corporality corporeality corporealization corporealness corporeity coverage cross section disclosure dissemination dumb show ecumenism eligibility embracement enacting enactment encompassment enosis entirety envisagement epiphany epitome evidence evincement example exhaustiveness exponent expression fabrication fashioning federalization federation flesh flesh and blood formation fusion getup hookup imitation impersonation incarnation inclusion inclusiveness incorporation indication integer integration integrity junction junta league make makeup manifestation marriage masquerade materiality materialization materialness meld melding membership merger metempsychosis mimesis mimicking mimicry miming mixture oneness openness organic unity organization package package deal pantomime pantomiming participation performance performing personation personification physicality physicalness piecing together playing pneumatophany portrayal posing proof publication putting together quintessence realization reception reembodiment reification reincarnation representation representative revelation setup shaping solidification specimen structure structuring substantiality substantiation syncretism syndication syneresis synthesis systematization theophany tie-up tolerance toleration totality transmigration type typification unification union unity wedding whole


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