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(a.) Alt. of Emblematical.

affection affective appropriate aroma attribute automatism bad habit badge banner birthmark body-build brand cachet cast categorical character characteristics characterizing classificational classificatory compare complexion composition configuration constituents constitution constitutional contrastive crasis creature of habit custom cut defining denominative device dharma diacritical diagnostic diathesis differencing differentia differential differentiative discriminating discriminative disposition dispositional distinctive distinctive feature distinguished distinguishing divisional divisionary earmark emblematic emotional especial ethos exemplary feature fiber figure flavor force of habit frame genius grain gust habit habit pattern habitude hallmark hue humor humors idiocrasy idiocratic idiosyncrasy idiosyncratic ilk image impress impression in character index indicant indicator individual individualism individualizing individuating innate insignia intellectual intrinsic keynote kind lineaments makeup mannerism mark marked marking measure mental mold natural naturalistic nature normal note odor ordinal particular particularity pattern peculiar peculiarity personalizing physique picture point practice praxis proper property quality quintessential quirk realistic regular representation representative sample savor seal second nature separative shape sigil sign signal signature single singular singularity smack somatotype sort special specialty specific spirit spiritual stamp stereotype stereotyped behavior streak stripe subdivisional suchness sure sign symbolic symptom symptomatic system taint tang taste taxonomic telltale sign temper temperament temperamental tendency tenor token tone trait trick true to form true to type typal type typic typical unique usage use usual vein virtue way wont


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