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1. (a.) Pertaining to the elements, first principles, and primary ingredients, or to the four supposed elements of the material world; as, elemental air.

2. (a.) Pertaining to rudiments or first principles; rudimentary; elementary.

ab ovo abecedarian aboriginal acid aerographic aerologic alkali antenatal autochthonous baric barographic barometric basal basic basilar beginning biochemical budding central chemical chemicobiological chemicoengineering chemicomineralogical chemicophysical chemurgic climatologic connate constituent constitutional constitutive copolymeric copolymerous creative crucial cyclonic deep-seated dimeric dimerous electrochemical elemental spirit elementary embryonic essential fetal formative foundational fundamental generative genetic germinal gestatory gnome gut heteromerous high-pressure in embryo in its infancy in ovo in the bud inaugural inborn inceptive inchoate inchoative incipient incunabular infant infantile ingrained inherent initial initiative initiatory innate intimate intrinsic introductory inventive isobaric isomerous isometric isopiestic macrochemical macroclimatic material metameric meteorologic microclimatic microclimatologic monomerous nascent natal nonacid of the essence original parturient photochemical physicochemical phytochemical polymeric postnatal pregnant prenatal primal primary prime primeval primitive primogenial primordial pristine procreative protogenic radical radiochemical rudimental rudimentary salamander seminal substantial substantive sylph thermochemical underlying undine ur


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