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1. (a.) Wrought with labor; finished with great care; studied; executed with exactness or painstaking; as, an elaborate discourse; an elaborate performance; elaborate research.

2. (v. t.) To produce with labor

3. (v. t.) To perfect with painstaking; to improve or refine with labor and study, or by successive operations; as, to elaborate a painting or a literary work.

Babylonian Byzantine Corinthian Gongoresque Gongoristic Marinistic adorn affected amplify arabesque artificial assemble assiduous awe-inspiring awful balled up barbaric baroque beautify build busy cast chichi clarify comment complete complex complicated compose compound concoct confounded confused construct convolute convoluted crabbed create cultivate daedal decorate decorated deluxe descant detail detailed develop devious devise dilate diligent discuss dressy dwell upon elaborated elegant embellish embellished embrangled embroider enlarge enlarge upon enrich entangled enter into detail erect euphuistic evolve expand expatiate explain explicate expound extravagant extrude fabricate fancy fashion festoon fine finish flamboyant florid flourish flowery form formulate fouled up frame frilly fudge together fussy get up gild glorious go into gordian grand grandiose high-wrought hyperelegant implicated imposing impressive indite industrious interpret intricate involuted involve involved knotted knotty labor labored labyrinthian labyrinthine load with ornament loused up luxuriant luxurious magnificent majestic make make up mannered manufacture many-faceted matted mature mazy meandering messed up mixed up mold moresque mucked up multifarious noble operose ornament ornate ostentatious overcharge overdone overelaborate overelegant overlabored overlay overload overnice overrefined overworked overwrought painstaking palatial particularize patch together perfect perplexed picturesque piece together plush polish posh precieuse precieux precious prefabricate prepare pretentious pretty-pretty princely produce proud put together put up raise ramified rear refine rehearse in extenso relate at large rich ripen ritzy rococo roundabout run up screwed up season sedulous set up shape snarled sophisticated spell out splendacious splendid splendiferous stately studied subtle sumptuous superb superfancy superfine swank swanky swell tangled tangly thorough thoroughgoing trick out twisted unfold unnatural varnish whomp up work out write


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