1. (v. t.) To expel; to dismiss; to cast forth; to drive out; to discharge; as, to eject a person from a room; to eject a traitor from the country\; to eject words from the language.

2. (v. t.) To cast out; to evict; to dispossess; as, to eject tenants from an estate.

abrupt abstract alienate axe belch blow open blow out boot out bounce break out bump burst forth burst out cashier cast cast off cast out charge chase chuck chuck out clear clear away clear out clear the decks cock cut adrift cut off cut out debar defenestrate delete depart deport detonate detrude disarticulate disbar discard discharge disconnect disengage disgorge disjoin disjoint dismiss displace dispose of dispossess dissociate disunite divide divorce drive off drive out drop drum out elide eliminate emit eradicate eruct erupt estrange evict exclude exile expatriate expel extravasate extrude exude fell fire fire off force out get quit of get rid of get shut of give the hook gun gun for heave out hit hurl forth isolate jettison junk kick downstairs kick out lay off leave let fly let off liquidate load make redundant obtrude ooze oust out outlaw part pelt pepper pick off pick out pistol plug pot potshoot potshot prime pull away pull back pull out purge put out reject remove repudiate riddle root out root up rout rule out run off sack segregate send forth send out send packing separate sequester set apart set aside shed shoot shoot at shoot down show shut off shut out snipe spew split spout spurn stand aloof stand apart stand aside step aside strike strike off strike out subtract take a potshot throw away throw off throw out throw over throw overboard throw up thrust out torpedo toss out turn out uncouple unyoke vomit vomit forth weed out withdraw


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