1. (n.) A result brought about by a cause or agent; a consequence; as, a law goes into effect; sun has a negative effect on skin\.

2. (n.) Manifestation; expression; sign.

3. (n.) In general: That which is produced by an agent or cause; the event which follows immediately from an antecedent, called the cause; result; consequence; outcome; fruit; as, the effect of luxury.

4. (n.) Impression left on the mind; sensation produced.

5. (n.) Power to produce results; efficiency; force; importance; account; as, to speak with effect.

6. (n.) Consequence intended; purpose; meaning; general intent; -- with to.

7. (n.) The purport; the sum and substance.

8. (n.) Reality; actual meaning; fact, as distinguished from mere appearance.

9. (n.) Goods; movables; personal estate; -- sometimes used to embrace real as well as personal property; as, the people escaped from the town with their effects.

10. (v. t.) To produce, as a cause or agent; to cause to be.

11. (v. t.) To bring to pass; to execute; to enforce; to achieve; to accomplish.

Z abide by accomplish achieve actualize actually adhere to administer affective meaning aftereffect aftermath aim ambition amperage angle animus apodosis armipotence artifact ascendancy aspect aspiration at bottom attain author authority basically bear bearing beef beget black power brainchild breed bring bring about bring forth bring off bring on bring to effect bring to pass brute force call forth capacity carry out carry through catastrophe cause ceasing cessation charge charisma charm child clout coda cogence cogency coinage coloring commit compass complete composition compulsion conceive conclusion concoction configuration connotation consequence constitute consummate consummation contrive control corollary counsel crack of doom create creation creature credit crowning achievement culmination curtain curtains deal with death decease denotation denouement descendant desideration desideratum design desire destination destiny determination development dint discharge dispatch dispose of distillation do do the job do the trick do to dominance domination doom draw down draw on drift drive duress dynasty effectively effectiveness effectuality effectuate efficacy eidolon elicit eminence enact enchantment end end point end product ending energy enforce engender envoi epilogue eschatology essence essentially establish esteem event eventuality evoke execute expiration extension extract facet fashion fate father favor feature fetch figure fill out final solution final twitch final words finale finality finis finish fixed purpose flower power force force majeure forcefulness form found fruit fulfill full blast full force function generate gestalt gestate get gist give birth to give origin to give rise to go and do goal good feeling grammatical meaning guise handiwork heir hold honor idea image imago impact implement implication import importance impression in effect in truth inaugurate incept incidental power induce inflict influence influentiality insinuation inspire install instigate institute intendment intension intent intention invention invoke issue izzard knock off last last breath last gasp last things last trumpet last words latter end lead leadership leverage lexical meaning light likeness line lineage lineaments literal meaning look magnetism main force main strength make make out mana manage manner manufacture


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