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1. (a.) Odd; peculiar; deviating or departing from the center\, or from the line of a circle; as, an eccentric or elliptical orbit; pertaining to deviation from the center or from true circular motion.

2. (a.) Not having the same center; -- said of circles, ellipses, spheres, etc., which, though coinciding, either in whole or in part, as to area or volume, have not the same center; -- opposed to concentric.

3. (a.) Pertaining to an eccentric; as, the eccentric rod in a steam engine.

4. (a.) Not coincident as to motive or end.

5. (a.) Deviating from stated methods, usual practice, or established forms or laws; deviating from an appointed sphere or way; departing from the usual course; irregular; anomalous; odd; as, eccentric conduct.

6. (n.) A circle not having the same center as another contained in some measure within the first.

7. (n.) One who, or that which, deviates from regularity; an anomalous or irregular person or thing.

8. (n.) In the Ptolemaic system, the supposed circular orbit of a planet about the earth, but with the earth not in its center.

9. (n.) A circle described about the center of an elliptical orbit, with half the major axis for radius.

10. (n.) A disk or wheel so arranged upon a shaft that the center of the wheel and that of the shaft do not coincide. It is used for operating valves in steam engines, and for other purposes. The motion derived is precisely that of a crank having the same throw.

aberrant abnormal absurd adrift afloat alien alternating amorphous amusing anomalistic anomalous beezer bizarre bohemian broken capricious careening case catchy caution changeable changeful character choppy coot crackpot crank crankish cranky crotchety curious desultory deviable deviant deviative different dippy disconnected discontinuous dissenter divergent dizzy dotty droll duck erratic exceptionable exceptional fanatic fantastic fast and loose fey fickle fitful flake flaky flickering flighty flitting fluctuating formless freak freaked out freakish freaky funny giddy grotesque guttering halting heretic herky-jerky hermit heteroclite heteromorphic hilarious hobo humorous idiocratic idiosyncratic immethodical impetuous impulsive incongruous inconsistent inconstant indecisive infirm intermittent intermitting irregular irresolute irresponsible jerky kinky kook kooky laughable lone wolf loner ludicrous lurching maggoty maverick mazy mercurial meshuggenah moody natural nonconformist nonuniform nut nutty odd odd fellow oddball oddity off off the wall off-balance off-center original out outlandish outsider pariah passing strange patchy peculiar priceless quaint queer queer duck queer fish queer specimen quirky quiz quizzical rambling rara avis recluse restless rich ridiculous risible rough roving scatterbrained scrappy screaming screwball screwy shapeless shifting shifty shuffling singular snatchy solitary spasmatic spasmic spasmodic spastic spineless spook sporadic spotty staggering strange strange duck stray straying subnormal tramp twisted type unaccountable unbalanced uncentered uncertain unconformist uncontrolled unconventional undependable undisciplined unearthly unequal uneven unfixed unmethodical unmetrical unnatural unpredictable unregular unreliable unrestrained unrhythmical unsettled unstable unstable as water unstaid unsteadfast unsteady unsystematic vacillating vagrant variable veering vicissitudinary vicissitudinous volatile wacky wandering wanton wavering wavery wavy wayward weird weirdo whimsical wishy-washy witty wobbling wobbly wondrous strange zealot zombie


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