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Bohemian Micawberish accepting affable afoot and lighthearted airy apathetic at ease at large at liberty ataractic backward blase breezy carefree careless casual clear clement collected comfortable common compassionate composed content contented cordial cursory dallying degage delaying detached devil-may-care dilatory dillydallying disengaged disinterested dispassionate disregardant disregardful drony easy emancipated eupeptic euphoric even-tempered faineant familiar flexible flippant folksy foot-dragging footloose footloose and fancy-free forbearant forbearing forgetful forgiving free free and easy free as air freeborn freed gentle go-as-you-please gracious happy haymish heedless homely homey humane impotent imprecise in the clear inattentive inconsiderate incurious indifferent indolent inexcitable informal insouciant irregular lackadaisical laggard lagging lax lazy lenient liberated lingering listless loitering loose low-pressure mellow merciful mild mindless moderate natural negligent nonchalant oblivious of good comfort offhand offhanded on the loose overindulgent overpermissive patient perfunctory permissive placid plain pleased pococurante poised procrastinating procrastinative procrastinatory reckless reconciled regardless relaxed released remiss resigned respectless sans souci satisfied scot-free self-possessed serene shuffling simple slack slipshod sloppy slothful slow sluggish sociable soft tactless tender thoughtless tolerant tranquil turned-off unaffected unambitious unanxious unassuming unattached unceremonious uncommitted uncomplaining unconcerned unconstrained unconventional undemanding undiplomatic undiscriminating unengaged unfussy unheedful unheeding uninhibited uninterested uninvolved unmindful unofficial unprepared unready unrepining unreserved unrestrained unsolicitous unstudied untactful unthinking weak wishy-washy without care work-shy


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