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Bohemian Charley Mickey Mouse VC Vietcong accessory accidental accidentally additional adscititious adventitious affable aimless airy aleatory almsman almswoman aloof amorphous apathetic appurtenant ascititious ataractic automatic auxiliary bankrupt beggar blanket blase blue-collar worker breadwinner breezy bushfighter bushwhacker by-the-way capricious careless casual laborer casually causeless chance chancy charity case circumstantial clear collateral common common laborer conditional contingent cool cordial cursory cushy day laborer degage designless destinal desultory detached devil-may-care dicey disarticulated discontinuous disinterested disjunct disordered dispassionate dispersed disproportionate disregardant disregardful down-and-out down-and-outer driftless dysteleological easy easy as pie easygoing effortless employee en deshabille erratic extemporaneous extempore extra facile factory worker familiar fatal fatidic fitful flippant fluky flunky folksy forgetful formless fortuitous fortuitously free and easy free lance free-lancer frivolous full-time worker general glib gracious gratuitous guerrilla gut hand haphazard happy-go-lucky hardcase haymish heedless hit-or-miss homely homey iffy ill-advised ill-considered ill-devised immethodical impromptu improvised imprudent impulsive in dishabille inadvertent inattentive inchoate incidental incoherent inconsiderable inconsiderate incurious indeliberate indeterminate indifferent indigent indiscreet indiscriminate indiscriminative industrial worker inessential inexcitable inexplicable informal insensitive insignificant insouciant involuntary irregular jobber jobholder laborer laboring man lackadaisical lazy light listless loose lounge low-pressure maquis maquisard meaningless menial migrant mindless minor misshapen moiler natural navvy negligent nonchalant nonessential nonjudgmental nonsystematic nonuniform nothing to it oblivious occasional odd off offhand offhanded office temporary orderless out-of-the-way painless parenthetical part-time partisan pauper penniless man perfunctory petty plain planless pococurante poor devil poor man poorling proletarian promiscuous provisional purposeless random reckless reflex reflexive regardless relaxed remote resistance resistance fighter respectless risky roustabout salaried worker secondary self-employed person senseless serendipitous servant shapeless shoestring side simple simple as ABC small-beer smooth snap sociable soft spare spasmodic spontaneous sporadic sporty starveling stiff stochastic straggling straggly straightforward stray subsidiary superadded superfluous


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