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(adv.) Alt. of Eastwards.

AA AB AM Associate of Arts BS Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Divinity Bachelor of Science DD DDS Doctor of Divinity Doctor of Laws Doctor of Letters Doctor of Medicine Doctor of Music Doctor of Philosophy Doctor of Science Doctor of Theology JD LLD LittD MA MBA MD MFA MLS MS Master of Arts Master of Divinity Master of Science PhD SB SM STD ScD ThD baccalaureate baccalaureus bachelor bar bar line barometer bit by bit brace by degrees canon cardinal points caste check class compass card compass rose condition consecutive intervals considerably continuity criterion decidedly degrees diapason diatessaron diatonic interval diatonic semitone dimension doctor doctorate east eastward enharmonic diesis enharmonic interval estate exceedingly extent fifth fourth gauge gradation grade gradually graduated scale half points half step halftone hierarchy highly inch by inch inchmeal interval ledger line lengths less semitone level limit line little by little lubber line magnitude master measure melodic interval model norm north northeast northward northwest notch note occident octave order orient parallel octaves parameter pattern place point position proportion quantity quarter points quite rank rate rather ratio reading readout rhumb rule rung scale second semitone sequence serial order seventh situation sixth size slowly somewhat south southeast southward southwest space staff stage standard standing station status stave step step by step subordination substantially sunrise sunset test third to a degree tone touchstone type unison interval value west westward whole step yardstick


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