1. (a.) Sharp; sour; acid.

2. (a.) Sharp; keen; bitter; severe.

3. (a.) Excited by desire in the pursuit of any object; ardent to pursue, perform, or obtain; keenly desirous; hotly longing; earnest; zealous; impetuous; vehement; as, the hounds were eager in the chase.

4. (a.) Brittle; inflexible; not ductile.

5. (n.) Same as Eagre.

accordant acquiescent acquisitive affirmative agape agog agreeable agreeing alacritous all agog ambitious amenable animated anticipant anticipating anticipative anticipatory antsy antsy-pantsy anxious appetitive approving ardent assenting athirst avid awaiting breathless bursting to certain chafing compliable compliant confident consentient consenting content cooperative covetous craving desiderative desireful desiring desirous disposed docile dying earnest edgy endorsing energetic energized enthusiastic excited expectant expecting fain favorable favorably disposed favorably inclined fervent fervid forearmed forestalling forewarned forward fretful fretting full of life game gaping gung ho hankering hasty heated honing hopeful hoping hopped-up hormic hot hungry impatient impetuous in a lather in a stew in a sweat in anticipation in expectation in the mind in the mood inclined inspirited intent itchy keen lascivious libidinal libidinous lickerish lively longing looking for looking forward to lustful minded needing not surprised nothing loath on edge optative optimistic panting passionate permissive pining pliant predisposed prepared prompt prone quick raring raring to ratifying ready ready and willing receptive responsive restive restless sanctioning sanguine solicitous spirited squirming squirmy stimulated submissive sure tempted thirsty tractable uneasy ungrudging unloath unpatient unquiet unrefusing unreluctant unsurprised vehement vital vitalized vivacious vivid waiting waiting for wanting watching for well-disposed well-inclined willed willing willinghearted wishful wishing yearning zealous zestful


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