(prep.) In the time of; as long as the action or existence of; as, during life; during the space of a year.

SOL a cut above above above and beyond abovestairs across additionally afresh again ago ahead airward all about all bets off all included all off all over all through all up aloft aloof also altogether among other things and all and also and so anew antiquated antique around as a bonus as well ascendant at about at an end athwart au reste away backwards beside besides better beyond bis blown over bottom side up bottom up by by way of bygone bypast canceled capping chosen closed complete concluded contrarily contrariwise conversely da capo dated de novo dead dead and buried deceased decided defunct deleted departed distinguished ditto done done for done with down durante during eclipsing elapsed else eminent en plus encore ended exceeding excellent excelling excessively exorbitantly expired expunged exterior external extinct extra extremely farther finer fini finished for for lagniappe forgotten from the beginning further furthermore gone gone glimmering gone-by greater has-been head over heels heels over head high high up higher highest hurdle immensely immoderately in addition in ascendancy in excess of in the air in the ascendant in the clouds inordinately intemperately inter alia into the bargain inversely irrecoverable item kaput lapsed leap left leftover likewise major marked more moreover negotiate net no more obsolete odd of choice off on on high on stilts on the peak on the side on tiptoe on top of once again once more one up on onto outrageously outside outstanding outward over again over and above overfull overhead overleap overly overlying overmuch overplus overweeningly passe passed passed away passing by passing through past pending perfected plus rare remaining remanent rivaling round round about run out set at rest settled shot similarly skyward spare straight up super superfluous superincumbent superior supernumerary surmount surpassing surplus surviving terminated then therewith through through with throughout tiptoe to to boot to spare to the zenith too too much too-too topping topsy-turvy transcendent transcendental transcending transversely turned around twice over two times unconscionably unconsumed unduly unreasonably unused up upmost upon upper uppermost upside down upstairs upward upwards upwards of vanished vault via vice versa washed up wiped out wound up


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