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1. (a.) Double; twofold.

2. (n.) That which exactly resembles or corresponds to something else; another, correspondent to the first; hence, a copy; a transcript; a counterpart.

3. (n.) An original instrument repeated; a document which is the same as another in all essential particulars, and differing from a mere copy in having all the validity of an original.

4. (v. t.) To double; to fold; to render double.

5. (v. t.) To make a duplicate of (something); to make a copy or transcript of.

6. (v. t.) To divide into two by natural growth or spontaneous action; as, infusoria duplicate themselves.

Doppelganger Janus-like Photostat Xerox Xerox copy actual thing alike all one all the same ambidextrous analogous bifacial bifold biform bilateral binary binate biparous bivalent carbon carbon copy clone come again companion comparable conduplicate conduplication consubstantial copy copying correspondent corresponding counterpart dead ringer disomatous ditto do a repeat do again do over double double-faced doubling dual dupe duple duplex duplication echo effigy equal equivalent exact counterpart exact likeness exactly alike facsimile fellow geminate geminated gemination hectograph homograph homonym homoousian homophone icon idem identic identical identical same idol image imitate imitation indistinguishable ingeminate ingemination iteration just alike like likeness living image living picture make over manifold match matching mate microcopy microfilm mimeo mimeograph miniature mirroring model multigraph multiply by two no other none other of a kind of a piece of a size one parallel paralleling parrot photocopy photograph picture plagiarize portrait quadruplicate quote re-create re-form rebuild reconstitute reconstruct redesign redo redouble reduplicate reduplication reecho reestablish refashion reflection refound regenerate regurgitate reincarnate reinstitute reissue reiteration remake renew renovate reorganize repeat repetition replica replicate replication representation reprint reproduce reproduction resemblance reshape restore restructure resurrect revise revive rubbing same say again second secondary selfsame semblance shadow similitude simulacrum spit and image spitting image stat synonym tantamount the same the same difference trace tracing transcribe triplicate twin twinned twinning two-faced two-level two-ply two-sided two-story twofold undifferent very image very picture very same without difference without distinction


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