1. (v.) To demand payment from a debtor; to urge importunately\.

2. (n.) A mound or small hill.

3. (v. t.) To cure, as codfish, in a particular manner, by laying them, after salting, in a pile in a dark place, covered with salt grass or some like substance.

4. (n.) One who duns; a dunner.

5. (n.) An urgent request or demand of payment; as, he sent his debtor a dun.

6. (a.) of a dark color; of a color partaking of a brown and black; of a dull brown color; swarthy.

account annoy apply pressure bay bayard bedevil beige beleaguer beset besiege bill bill collector bill of account bill of lading blandish brown brownish brownish-yellow brunet buckskin bug buttonhole cajole calico pony caliginous call call in check chestnut chocolate cinnamon coax cocoa cocoa-brown coffee coffee-brown collection agent credit man creditor creditress dapple-gray debtee demand payment dim drab dun-brown dun-drab dunner dusk dusky ecru exert pressure fawn fawn-colored fuscous gloomy gnaw gray grege grizzle harass hazel importune invoice itemized bill khaki lurid manifest mortgage-holder mortgagee murky nag nag at needle note-holder nut-brown obscure olive-brown olive-drab paint painted pony pester piebald pinto plague ply press pressure push reckoning roan score seal seal-brown send a statement sepia skewbald snuff-colored somber sorrel statement tab tan taupe tawny tease toast toast-brown umber umber-colored urge walnut walnut-brown wheedle work on yellowish-brown


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