1. (superl.) Slow of understanding; wanting readiness of apprehension; stupid; doltish; blockish.

2. (superl.) Slow in action; sluggish; unready; awkward.

3. (superl.) Insensible; unfeeling.

4. (superl.) Not keen in edge or point; lacking sharpness; blunt.

5. (superl.) Not bright or clear to the eye; wanting in liveliness of color or luster; not vivid; obscure; dim; as, a dull fire or lamp; a dull red or yellow; a dull mirror.

6. (superl.) Heavy; gross; cloggy; insensible; spiritless; lifeless; inert.

7. (superl.) Furnishing little delight, spirit, or variety; uninteresting; tedious; cheerless; gloomy; melancholy; depressing; as, a dull story or sermon; a dull occupation or period; hence, cloudy; overcast; as, a dull day.

8. (v. t.) To deprive of sharpness of edge or point.

9. (v. t.) To make dull, stupid, or sluggish; to stupefy, as the senses, the feelings, the perceptions, and the like.

10. (v. t.) To render dim or obscure; to sully; to tarnish.

11. (v. t.) To deprive of liveliness or activity; to render heavy; to make inert; to depress; to weary; to sadden.

12. (v. i.) To become dull or stupid.

KO Laodicean Olympian Quaker-colored Spartan abate abeyant abrupt achromatic achromatize achromic acier affectless allay alleviate aloof anemic anesthetic anesthetize anesthetized apathetic appease arctic arid ascetic ashen ashy asleep assuage asthenic attemper attenuate austere autistic backward bad baffle bald banausic bank the fire bare barren bate bated becloud bedaze bedim beef-witted befog benumb benumbed besot betwixt and between blah blanch blank blase bleach blear blear-witted bled white blind bloodless blue bluff blunt blunt-edged blunt-ended blunt-pointed blunt-witted blunted bluntish blur blurry bored boring bovine brainless broken-record bromidic cadaverous callous candid canescent cast down cataleptic catatonic characterless chasten chicken chill chilly chloranemic chloroform cinereous cinerous cloddish cloud clouded cloudy cold cold as charity cold-blooded coldcock coldhearted colorless comatose common commonplace constrain control cool cowardly cramp crass cripple cushion damp damped dampen dampened dapple dapple-gray dappled dappled-gray dark darken de-emphasize dead deaden deaden the pain deadened deadly pale deafen deathly pale debilitate debilitated decolor decolorize dejected dense depressed depressing desensitize desensitized detached devitalize dim dim-witted diminish dimmed dingy direct discolor discolored disedge disinterested dismal dispassionate dispirited doltish dope dopey dormant dove-colored dove-gray down downhearted downplay drab draggy drain drain of color draw the teeth drearisome dreary drooping droopy drug drugged dry dryasdust dull of mind dull-edged dull-headed dull-pated dull-pointed dull-witted dulled dullish dumb dun duncical dusty earthbound ease ease matters edgeless effete elephantine emotionally dead emotionless empty enervate enervated enfeeble etherize etiolate etiolated even-tempered everlasting eviscerate exanimate exhaust exhausting exsanguinated exsanguine exsanguineous extenuate fade faded fagging faint faintish fair fair to middling faired fairish fallow fat-witted fatiguing feeble feebleminded flabby flaccid flat floppy foment foul frank freeze frigid frosted frosty frozen fume ghastly give relief glaucescent glaucous gloomy gone gray gray-black


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