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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Dress.

2. (n.) Dress; raiment; especially, ornamental habiliment or attire.

3. (n.) An application (a remedy, bandage, etc.) to a sore or wound.

4. (n.) Manure or compost over land. When it remains on the surface, it is called a top-dressing.

5. (n.) A preparation to fit food for use; a condiment; as, a dressing for salad.

6. (n.) The stuffing of fowls, pigs, etc.; forcemeat.

7. (n.) Gum, starch, and the like, used in stiffening or finishing silk, linen, and other fabrics.

8. (n.) An ornamental finish, as a molding around doors, windows, or on a ceiling, etc.

9. (n.) Castigation; scolding; -- often with down.

Ace bandage Band-Aid ablation abrasion abrasive adhesive tape ammonia apparel application array ass-reaming attire attrition band bandage bandaging bawling-out bedizenment binder brace buffing burnishing cast castor-bean meal cataplasm chafe chafing chewing clothes clothing commercial fertilizer compost compress contour plowing costume cotton court plaster cravat cultivating cultivation culture cussing-out detrition drapery dress dressing-down duds dung elastic bandage enrichener epithem erasure erosion fallowing farce fashion fatigues feathers fertilizer fig filing forcemeat four-tailed bandage fretting furrowing galling garb garments gauze gear going-over grazing grinding guano guise habiliment habit harrowing hoeing investiture investment jacking-up limation linen lint listing manure muck night soil nitrate nitrogen organic fertilizer phosphate plaster plaster cast pledget plowing polishing poultice pruning rags raiment raking-down rasping reaming reaming-out roasting robes roller roller bandage rubber bandage rubbing away sandblasting sanding scouring scrape scraping scratch scratching scrub scrubbing scuff setdown shining sling smoothing speaking-to splint sponge sportswear stuffing stupe style superphosphate talking-to tampon tape tent thinning threads tilling togs toilette tourniquet triangular bandage trim vestment vesture wear wearing apparel wearing away weeding what-for working


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