1. (n.) Fine, soft, hairy outgrowth from the skin or surface of animals or plants, not matted and fleecy like wool

2. (n.) The soft under feathers of birds. They have short stems with soft rachis and bards and long threadlike barbules, without hooklets.

3. (n.) The pubescence of plants; the hairy crown or envelope of the seeds of certain plants, as of the thistle.

4. (n.) The soft hair of the face when beginning to appear.

5. (n.) That which is made of down, as a bed or pillow; that which affords ease and repose, like a bed of down

6. (v. t.) To cover, ornament, line, or stuff with down.

7. (prep.) A bank or rounded hillock of sand thrown up by the wind along or near the shore; a flattish-topped hill; -- usually in the plural.

8. (prep.) A tract of poor, sandy, undulating or hilly land near the sea, covered with fine turf which serves chiefly for the grazing of sheep; -- usually in the plural.

9. (prep.) A road for shipping in the English Channel or Straits of Dover, near Deal, employed as a naval rendezvous in time of war.

10. (prep.) A state of depression; low state; abasement.

11. (adv.) In the direction of gravity or toward the center of the earth; toward or in a lower place or position; below; -- the opposite of up.

12. (adv.) From a higher to a lower position, literally or figuratively; in a descending direction; from the top of an ascent; from an upright position; to the ground or floor; to or into a lower or an inferior condition; as, into a state of humility, disgrace, misery, and the like; into a state of rest; -- used with verbs indicating motion.

13. (adv.) In a low or the lowest position, literally or figuratively; at the bottom of a decent; below the horizon; of the ground; in a condition of humility, dejection, misery, and the like; in a state of quiet.

14. (adv.) From a remoter or higher antiquity.

15. (adv.) From a greater to a less bulk, or from a thinner to a thicker consistence; as, to boil down in cookery, or in making decoctions.

16. (adv.) In a descending direction along; from a higher to a lower place upon or within; at a lower place in or on; as, down a hill; down a well.

17. (adv.) Hence: Towards the mouth of a river; towards the sea; as, to sail or swim down a stream; to sail down the sound.

18. (v. t.) To cause to go down; to make descend; to put down; to overthrow, as in wrestling; hence, to subdue; to bring down.

19. (v. i.) To go down; to descend.

20. (a.) Downcast; as, a down look.

21. (a.) Downright; absolute; positive; as, a down denial.

22. (a.) Downward; going down; sloping; as, a down stroke; a down grade; a down train on a railway.

COD Vandyke actively adown ailing air alkali flat all up with alluvial plain anthill backset bad barrow basin beard beat beaten beaver bedfast bedridden below below par best bested blow down blow over blubber blue booked bottomland bowed-down bowl down bowl over brae breeze bring down bristles bubble bulldog bushveld butte butter campo carry off cascade cash cash down cash on delivery cast down cataract chaff champaign champaign country check chip chop down chute clay coastal plain cobweb collapse collapsing come down comedown completed completely concluded confined confounded conquer consume cork crash critically ill cushion cut down cut off daintiness dash down dashed debacle deciduous deck declension declination declining declivitous decurrent defeated defluxion dejected delicacy delta depressant depressed depressing depressive descend descendant descending descension descent desert despairing despondent desponding destroy devour digest dip down discomfited discomfiture discouraged discouraging disheartened disheartening dispatch dispirited dispiriting dispose of disregard documented done done for done in dough down down south downbend downcast downcome downcurve downfall downfalling downflow downgoing downgrade downhearted downhill downiness downline downpour downright downrush downs downsinking downstairs downstream downstreet downtown downtrend downturn downward downward trend downwards downwith drooping droopy drop drop down drop off dropping drumlin dune dust earlier earnestly earthward eat eat up eiderdown ended enrolled entered ether faint faintish fairy fall fall down fall off fallen falling feather feather bed feathers feeling awful feeling faint feeling low feeling something terrible fell fetch down filed filminess fine-grainedness fineness finish finished fixed flat flat country flatland flats flatten fleece floor floored floss flue fluff fluffiness foam foothills for real froth fully fur fuzz fuzziness get away with get down go down go downhill goatee gossamer gossameriness grass veld grassland gravitate gravitation ground heartless heath hew down hill hillock hipped hors de combat hospitalized hummock hurdle hypochondriac hypochondriacal ignore ill imperial in childbed in danger in hospital in low spirits in the depths in the doldrums in the dumps inclination


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