(n.) A child's puppet; a toy baby for a little girl.

Elzevir Jane agate angel babe baby baby-doll ball baseball bat bat battledore bauble biddy bird bitch blocks brick broad bust buttercup carving checkerboard cherub chessboard chick chickabiddy club cockhorse colleen crackerjack cricket bat cue cutie dame damoiselle damsel darling dear deary demoiselle doll carriage dolly duck duckling dummy duodecimo fantoccini figure figurehead figurine filly frail gal gewgaw gimcrack gingerbread man girl girlie golf club good Joe good egg good guy heifer hen hobbyhorse hon honey honey bunch honey child hoyden jack-in-the-box jacks jackstones jackstraws jeune fille jill junior miss kickshaw knickknack lamb lambkin lass lassie lay figure likely lad little missy love lover mademoiselle maid maiden man of straw manikin mannequin marble marionette microcosm mig mini miniature minny minx miss missy model monument nice guy no slouch nymphet paper doll pet petkins pick-up sticks piece pinwheel plaything portrait bust precious precious heart puppet pussycat racket rag doll rocking horse romp scarecrow schoolgirl schoolmaid schoolmiss sculpture skirt slip snookums snowman sport statuary statue statuette steelie stout fellow subdeb subdebutante subminiature subteen subteener sugar sweet sweetheart sweetie sweetkins sweets taw teenybopper teetotum tomato tomboy top toy toy soldier trinket trump twelvemo virgin wax figure waxwork wench whim-wham wood carving young creature young thing


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