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(a.) Pertaining to written evidence; contained or certified in writing.

3-D Cinemascope Cinerama Technicolor Western absolute actual adducible admissible animated cartoon archival ascertained attestative attested attestive authentic authenticated based on black-and-white film cartoon categorically true certain certified chiller cinema circumstantial color film conclusive confirmed convincing corroborated creepie cumulative damning decisive demonstrated determinative determined documental documentary film documentational documented educational film effectual epigraphic established evidential evidentiary ex parte eye-witness factual feature film final firsthand flick flicker founded on grounded on hearsay historical horror picture horse opera implicit incontrovertible indicative indisputable irrefutable irresistible material motion picture motion-picture show movie moving picture necrological newsreel not in error nudie nuncupative obituary objectively true overwhelming photodrama photoplay picture picture show pornographic film presumptive preview probative proved real reliable short significant silent silent film skin flick sneak preview spaghetti Western substantiated suggestive sure sure-enough symptomatic talkie talking picture telling testimonial thriller trailer TRUE true as gospel truthful unconfuted undenied underground film undoubted unerroneous unfallacious unfalse unmistaken unquestionable unrefuted valid validated veracious verified veritable weighty


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