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1. (n.) The act or process of diving anything into parts, or the state of being so divided; separation.

2. (n.) That which divides or keeps apart; a partition.

3. (n.) The portion separated by the divining of a mass or body; a distinct segment or section.

4. (n.) Disunion; difference in opinion or feeling; discord; variance; alienation.

5. (n.) Difference of condition; state of distinction; distinction; contrast.

6. (n.) Separation of the members of a deliberative body, esp. of the Houses of Parliament, to ascertain the vote.

7. (n.) The process of finding how many times one number or quantity is contained in another; the reverse of multiplication; also, the rule by which the operation is performed.

8. (n.) The separation of a genus into its constituent species.

9. (n.) Two or more brigades under the command of a general officer.

10. (n.) Two companies of infantry maneuvering as one subdivision of a battalion.

11. (n.) One of the larger districts into which a country is divided for administering military affairs.

12. (n.) One of the groups into which a fleet is divided.

13. (n.) A course of notes so running into each other as to form one series or chain, to be sung in one breath to one syllable.

14. (n.) The distribution of a discourse into parts; a part so distinguished.

15. (n.) A grade or rank in classification; a portion of a tribe or of a class; or, in some recent authorities, equivalent to a subkingdom.

Australian ballot Hare system Jim Crow KP Naval Construction Battalion RN Royal Navy Seabees USN United States Navy aberration abstraction addition adjunct affiliate affiliation age group agreement to disagree airspace alien alienation allotment alteration anacrusis analysis analyzation anatomization anatomizing anatomy apartheid apportioning apportionment approximation area argosy arm armada army army group arrangement assay assaying atomization aye ballot band barrier bass passage battalion battery battle group belt bevy bifidity bifurcation bipartition bisection blood body border borderline boundary line bourdon bracket branch branch office branching brattice breach breach of friendship break breakaway group breakdown breaking down breaking up breakup bridge brigade budgeting buffer buffer state bulkhead bumper bunch burden by two cabal cadence cadre camp canvass canvassing cast caste casting vote cataloging categorization category caucus census centrifugence change chapter chorus church clan class classification cleavage cleft clique cloison cloture coast guard coda codification cohort collision mat color bar column combat command combat team committee consideration communion community company compartment complement component composition confines conflict constituents content contents continental shelf contingent contradistinction corps corridor coterie counting heads country covey crew cross section cross-purposes crowd cumulative voting cushion cut cutting cutting in two cutting the pie debate decentralization deciding vote deliberation demarcation denomination department deployment desynonymization detachment detail development deviation diaphragm dichotomy difference difference of opinion differencing differentiation difficulty dimidiation disaccord disaffection disagreement disarticulation disassociation disconnectedness disconnection discontinuity discord discrimination disengagement disequalization disfavor disharmony disjointing disjunction dislocation disparity disruption dissection dissension dissent dissepiment dissidence dissolution dissonance distinction distinctiveness distinguishment district disunion disunity divarication divergence divergency diversification dividedness dividing dividing line dividing wall divisions divorce divorcement divvy docimasy dole elements enfranchisement environs equation escadrille estate estrangement ethnic group ethnocentrism evolution exclusiveness exposition extrapolation faction fagot vote falling-out fanning fanning out fellowship fender field army field train figure file filibuster filibustering filing first reading fleet flotilla flying column folderol foreigner


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