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(n.) Alt. of Divergency.

aberrance aberrancy aberration abnormality abnormity about-face accommodation adaptation adjustment aesthetic distance alienation alteration amelioration amorphism anomalism anomalousness anomaly antagonism apostasy argumentation attenuation bad copy bad likeness bend betterment bias branching off breach breach of friendship break broadcast broadcasting camouflage capriciousness change change of heart changeability changeableness choppiness circuitousness circumfusion clashing clearance cleavage cleft compass conceit conflict constructive change continuity contradiction contrariety contrast controversy conversion corner crackpotism crank crankiness crankism crook crosswiseness crotchet crotchetiness curve dappleness declination deep space defection deflection deflexure degeneration degenerative change departure depths of space derangement deterioration detour deviance deviancy deviation deviousness diagonality difference differentiation differentness differing diffraction diffusion digression dilution disaccord disaccordance disaffection disagreeing disagreement disconformity discongruity discontinuity discord discordance discordancy discrepancy discreteness discursion disfavor disguise disharmony disorder disparity dispensation dispersal dispersion disruption dissemblance dissemination dissension dissent dissidence dissimilarity dissimilation dissimilitude dissipation dissonance distance distinction distinctness distribution disunion disunity divagation divarication divergency diversification diversion diversity dividedness division dogleg dottiness double drift drifting eccentricity errantry erraticism erraticness estrangement evaporation excursion excursus exorbitation expansion extent faction falling-out far cry farness fitting flip-flop fragmentation freakiness freakishness gradual change hairpin heterogeneity heteromorphism idiocrasy idiosyncrasy improvement inaccordance incommensurability incomparability incompatibility incongruity inconsistency inconsonance inconstancy indirection indirectness inequality inferiority infinity inharmoniousness inharmony instability irreconcilability irregularity jarring jerkiness kink leeway length light-years makeup mannerism margin melioration mercuriality mere caricature mileage mitigation mixture modification modulation monstrosity motleyness mutability negation nonconformism nonconformity nonstandardization nonuniformity obliqueness obliquity oddity odds open rupture opposition oppugnancy otherness overthrow parsecs parting peculiarity peppering pererration perspective piece pluralism poor imitation propagation publication qualification queerness quip quirk quirkiness radiation radical change raggedness rambling range re-creation reach realignment recall of ambassadors redesign reform reformation remaking remoteness renewal repugnance


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