1. (n.) The aforesaid thing; the same (as before). Often contracted to do., or to two turned commas (), or small marks. Used in bills, books of account, tables of names, etc., to save repetition.

2. (adv.) As before, or aforesaid; in the same manner; also.

Doppelganger Photostat Xerox accord act like actual thing affect afresh again agree agree in opinion agree with alike amount to anew as is assume balance bis bob borrow break even burden carbon carbon copy chant chime in with chorus clone close with coequal coequally coextensively coincide coincidentally come again come to come up to compeer concur conform to congruently copy correspond correspondently correspondingly coterminously counterfeit counterpart crib da capo de novo dead ringer do do a repeat do again do like do over double draw dupe duplicate duplication echo encore equal equally equipollent equivalent even even off exact counterpart facsimile fake fall in with fellow forge from the beginning geminate go along with go like go with hectograph hoke hoke up homograph homonym homophone ibid ibidem idem identical same identically imitate ingeminate just the same keep pace with knot like likewise make like manifold match match up with mate measure up to meet microcopy microfilm mimeo mimeograph mirror model multigraph multiply by two no other none other once more opposite number over over again parallel parrot peer plagiarize quadruplicate quote reach redo redouble reduplicate reduplication reecho reflect refrain regurgitate reincarnate renew repeat repetend repetition replica replicate replication representation reproduce reproduction revive ritornello rival run abreast run to same here say again selfsame side with simulate spit and image spitting image stack up with stat strike in with synonym synonymously the same the same difference the same way tie touch trace transcribe triplicate twice over twin two times undersong very image very same


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