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(imp. & p. p.) of Disturb.

abashed abroad adrift afflicted aggravated agitated all-overish amiss angry annoyed anxious anxioused up apprehensive askew astray at sea awry balled-up batty beset bewildered bonkers bothered brain-damaged brain-injured browned-off bugged burnt-up cast down catatonic certifiable chafed chagrined chaotic chapfallen clueless cockeyed concerned confused convulsed crazy depressed deranged disarranged discomfited discomforted discomposed disconcerted dislocated dismayed disordered disorderly disorganized disoriented disquieted distracted distraught distressed embarrassed exasperated excited fearful feverish fidgety flurried flustered fluttered foreboding fussed galled griped guessing haywire hung up hypochondriac hysteric ill at ease in a fix in a jumble in a maze in a pickle in a pother in a pucker in a scrape in a stew in a sweat in a swivet in a tizzy in disorder insane irked irritated jittery jumbled jumpy lost mad maladjusted manic-depressive mazed mentally ill mentally sick miffed misgiving misplaced mixed-up mortified nervous nervy nettled neurasthenic neurotic nuts off the track on tenterhooks on the fritz out of countenance out of gear out of joint out of kelter out of kilter out of order out of place out of tune out of whack overanxious overapprehensive paranoiac paranoid peeved perplexed perturbed phobic piqued provoked psychasthenic psychoneurotic psychopathic psychotic put-out put-upon rattled resentful restless riled roiled roily ruffled schiz schizoid schizophrenic schizy screwy shaken shaken up shook shuffled solicitous stirred up strained suspenseful tense troubled troublous turbid turbulent turned around unbalanced uncomfortable uneasy unpeaceful unquiet unsettled upset vexed without a clue worried zealous


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