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1. (n.) The act of dissolving, or separating into component parts; separation\.

2. (n.) Change from a solid to a fluid state; solution by heat or moisture; liquefaction; melting.

3. (n.) Change of form by chemical agency; decomposition; resolution.

4. (n.) The dispersion of an assembly by terminating its sessions; the breaking up of a partnership.

5. (n.) The extinction of life in the human body; separation of the soul from the body; death.

6. (n.) The state of being dissolved, or of undergoing liquefaction.

7. (n.) The new product formed by dissolving a body; a solution.

8. (n.) Destruction of anything by the separation of its parts; ruin.

9. (n.) Corruption of morals; dissipation; dissoluteness.

ablation adjournment aloofness anarchy annihilation atomization attrition bane biodegradability biodegradation biological death blackout blocking bloodbath blue ruin breakdown breaking down breaking up breakup carnage cessation of life chaos clinical death collapse colliquation conclusion confusion consumption corrosion corruption crack-up crossing the bar crumbling curtains damnation deactivation death death knell debt of nature decay decease decimation decoagulation decomposition decrement degradability degradation deliquescence deliquium dematerialization demise demobilization departure depletion depredation desolation despoilment despoliation destruction detachment devastation diaspora diffusion dilapidation disappearance disappearing disbandment discontinuation discontinuity discreteness disintegration disjunction dislocation dismissal disorder disorganization dispersal dispersion disruption dissipation dissolving disunion division divorce divorcement doom dying ebb of life eclipse elimination end end of life ending entropy erasure erosion eternal rest evanescence evaporation exfoliation exhaustion exit expiration extinction extinguishment fadeaway fadeout fading final summons finger of death finish fluidification fluidization fragmentation fusing fusion going going off grave hand of death havoc hecatomb holocaust incoherence inconsistency jaws of death knell last debt last muster last rest last roundup last sleep leaching leaving life liquefaction liquescence liquescency lixiviation loss loss of life making an end melting mildew mold nonadhesion noncohesion occultation overthrow oxidation oxidization parting partition passing passing away passing over percolation perdition perishing quietus ravage ravages of time release resolution rest revolution reward ruin ruination running rupture rust scaling scattering sentence of death separateness separation shades of death shadow of death shambles shattering shrinkage silence slaughter sleep solubilization solution somatic death split-up spoilage spoliation summons of death termination thawing unadherence unadhesiveness unclotting undoing untenacity vandalism vanishing vanishing point waste wear wear and tear wipe wrack wrack and ruin wreck


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