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abridge abrupt abscind alienate amputate annihilate ax ban bar bar out bereave bereave of life bereaved bereaved of bereft bisect bleed block blockade bob break break off butcher carry away carry off carve cast off cast out catch chloroform chop cleave clip close off count out crop cull curtail cut cut adrift cut away cut down cut in two cut out cut short debar delete denuded depart deprive deprive of deprive of life deprived of destroy dichotomize disarticulate disconnect disendow disengage disentitle disherison disinherit disjoin disjoint disown dispatch displace dispose of dispossess disseise dissever dissociate disunite divest divested divide divorce do away with do for do to death dock drain ease one of eject eliminate embargo end enisle enucleate eradicate estrange evict except excise exclude execute expel expropriate exsect exterminate extinguish extirpate finish finish off fissure foreclose freeze out gash get rid of hack halve hew ignore immolate incise insulate intermit interrupt island isolate jigsaw keep out kill knock off lacking lance launch into eternity lay low leave leave out lighten one of liquidate lock out lop lynch make away with martyr martyrize milk mine minus mutilate nip omit ostracize out of pare part parted from pass over peel pick out poison preclude prohibit prune pull away pull back pull out purge put away put down put paid to put to death put to sleep reject relegate remove from life rend repudiate rive robbed of root out rule out sacrifice saw scissor scrag segregate send to Coventry separate sequester set apart set aside sever shave shear shorn of shut off shut out slash slaughter slay slice slit snap the thread snip split stamp out stand aloof stand apart stand aside starve step aside strike off strip strip off stripped of subtract sunder suspend taboo take a break take away from take from take life take off take out tap tear throw off throw out to truncate uncouple unyoke usurp wanting whittle wipe out withdraw


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