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1. (v. t.) To pay no heed to; to omit to take notice of\; to neglect to observe; to slight as unworthy of regard or notice; as, to disregard the admonitions of conscience.

2. (n.) The act of disregarding, or the state of being disregarded; intentional neglect; omission of notice; want of attention; slight.

abide with abjuration abjure abjurement absentmindedness accept accidia acedia admit admit exceptions allow allow for apathy arrogance ataraxia ataraxy audacity be big be blind to be caught napping be caught out be content with be easy with be inattentive be neglectful be negligent be unwary bear with benevolence blink at bold front boldness brash bearing brashness brassiness bravado brazenness break the law brook brush aside brush off bumptiousness care naught for carelessness casualness cheekiness chuck chuck out chucking chucking out cockiness concede condonation condone connive at consider consider the circumstances consider the source contemn contempt contemptuousness contradict contradiction culpa culpable negligence cut cut dead cut direct daring daringness declination decline declining default defial defiance defy defying delinquency denial deny dereliction deride derision despisal despise despising despite detachment digest disapproval disapprove discard disclaim disclamation disconformity discount discounting disdain disesteem disinterest dismiss dismissal disobey disown disownment disparage dispassion disregardfulness disrespect distraction down easygoingness eat endure except exception exclude exclusion fail failure flightiness flippancy flout forbearance forget forgetting forgiveness forgivingness forswear frivolousness giddiness give no heed give the go-by gloss over go counter to grant hear nothing heedlessness hold in derision humiliation ignore ignoring impertinence impudence inadvertence inadvertency inattention inattentiveness inconsideration incuriosity indifference indiscrimination indulgence inexcitability inobservance insolence insouciance judge not kindness laches lack of affect lackadaisicalness laissez-faire lapse lassitude laugh at laugh to scorn laxity laxness lean over backwards leave unavenged let go let go by let it go let pass let ride let slide let slip lethargy levity lift temporarily lightmindedness listen to reason listlessness live with long-suffering longanimity look right through looseness lose sight of lose track of magnanimity make allowance for make allowances for make light of make little of mindlessness minimize miss neglect neglectfulness neglecting negligence nod nonacceptance nonadherence nonapproval nonchalance noncompliance nonconformance nonconformity nonconsideration nonfeasance nonfulfillment noninterference nonobservance nonperformance nonrestriction not attend not care for not conform not get involved not heed not keep not listen not mind not notice not observe not think not write off obliviousness omission omit omitting overlook overlooking overpass oversight pass by pass over pass up passing by patience pay no attention pay no mind permissiveness pertness pocket pocket the affront pococurantism pooh-pooh poor stewardship pretermit


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