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1. (n.) The act of disorganizing; destruction of system.

2. (n.) The state of being disorganized; as, the disorganization of the body, or of government.

ablation anarchism anarcho-syndicalism anarchy antinomianism atomization befuddlement bewilderment biodegradability biodegradation bloodbath blue ruin bother botheration breakup carnage chaos cloud confusion consumption convulsion corrosion corruption criminal syndicalism crumbling damnation daze deactivation decay decimation decomposition degradability degradation demobilization depredation derangement desolation despoilment despoliation destruction detachment devastation diaspora dilapidation disarrangement disarray disarticulation disbandment discombobulation discomfiture discomposure disconcertedness disconcertion disharmony dishevelment disintegration disjunction dislocation dismissal disorder disorderliness disorientation dispersal dispersion disproportion disruption dissolution disturbance embarrassment entropy erosion flummox flurry fluster flutter fog frenzy fuddle fuddlement haphazardness havoc haze hecatomb holocaust incoherence indiscriminateness inharmonious harmony insanity irregularity jumble lynch law maze mess mildew misarrangement misrule mist mob law mob rule mobocracy mold most admired disorder muddle muddlement nihilism nonsymmetry nonuniformity ochlocracy oxidation oxidization parting perdition perplexity perturbation pother primal chaos promiscuity promiscuousness pucker randomness ravage ravages of time rebellion release resolution revolution ruffle ruin ruination rust separation shambles shuffle shuffling slaughter split-up spoilage spoliation stew sweat swivet syndicalism tizzy tohubohu turbulence turmoil undoing unruliness unsettlement unsymmetry ununiformity upset vandalism waste wear wear and tear wrack wrack and ruin wreck


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