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1. (n.) Want of order or regular disposition; lack of arrangement; confusion; disarray; as, the troops were thrown into disorder; the papers are in disorder.

2. (n.) Neglect of order or system; irregularity.

3. (n.) Breach of public order; disturbance of the peace of society; tumult.

4. (n.) Disturbance of the functions of the animal economy of the soul; sickness; derangement.

5. (v. t.) To disturb the order of; to derange or disarrange; to throw into confusion; to confuse.

6. (v. t.) To disturb or interrupt the regular and natural functions of (either body or mind); to produce sickness or indisposition in; to discompose; to derange; as, to disorder the head or stomach.

7. (v. t.) To depose from holy orders.

abnormality acute disease affection afflict affliction affray agitation ailment allergic disease allergy aloofness amorphia amorphism amorphousness anarchism anarcho-syndicalism anarchy anomie antinomianism ataxia atrophy bacterial disease badness ball up battle battle royal bedlam befuddle befuddlement bewilderment birth defect blight blobbiness blur blurriness bluster bobbery boil boiling bother botheration brawl broadness brouhaha bustle capriciousness cardiovascular disease changeability changeableness chaos choppiness chronic disease churn circulatory disease civil disorder clamor cloud clutter commotion complaint complication condition confound confuse confusion congenital defect conturbation convulsion criminal syndicalism dappleness daze debilitate defect deficiency disease deform deformity degenerative disease derange derangement deviation devitalize difference differentiation diffusion disability disable disarrange disarrangement disarray discombobulation discomfiture discompose discomposure disconcertion discontinuity discourtesy discreteness disease dishevel disjoint disjunction dislocate dislocation disorderliness disorderly conduct disorganization disorganize disorientation dispersal dispersion disquiet disquietude disrupt disruption disruptiveness dissolution distemper distort disturb disturbance divarication divergence diversification ebullition embarrassment embroil embroilment endemic endemic disease endocrine disease enervate enfeeble entropy epidemic disease excitement ferment fermentation fever feverishness fidgets fight flap flummox flurry fluster flutter flutteration fog fog up fogginess foment formlessness fracas fray free-for-all frenzy frowned-upon behavior fuddle fuddlement fume functional disease fungus disease fuss fuzziness gastrointestinal disease generality genetic disease handicap hash haze haziness hereditary disease hooliganism horseplay hospitalize hubbub huddle hullabaloo hurly-burly iatrogenic disease ill ill-definedness illness imprecision impropriety inaccuracy incapacitate inchoateness incoherence inconsistency inconstancy indecisiveness indefinableness indefiniteness indeterminateness indispose indisposition inequality inexactness infectious disease infirmity inquietude insanity instability invalid irregularity jerkiness jitters jumble jumpiness knock galley-west laxity lay up litter looseness lynch law maelstrom malady malaise maze melee mercuriality mess mess up messiness misarrange misarrangement misbehavior misconduct misdemeanor misdoing mishmash misrule mist mistiness mix up mob law mob rule mobocracy moil morbidity morbus motleyness muddle muddlement muscular disease muss muss up mutability naughtiness nerviness nervosity nervousness neurological disease


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