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(n.) The condition or office of a director; directorate.

acme aedileship archbishopric archiepiscopacy archiepiscopate aristocracy authority authorization be-all and end-all bishopric blue ribbon captainship chairmanship championship chancellery chancellorate chancellorship chiefery chiefry chieftaincy chieftainry chieftainship command consulate consulship control convenership custody deanery dictatorship dictature directorate dominion effectiveness emirate episcopacy first place first prize foremanship generalship governorship guardianship headship hegemony height hierarchy highest imperium influence intendancy jurisdiction kingship leadership lordship magistracy magistrateship magistrature management managership masterdom mastership mastery maximum mayoralty mayorship metropolitanate metropolitanship most ne plus ultra new high nobility overseership palms papacy paramountcy pashadom pashalic patriarchate patriarchy pontificality pontificate popedom popehood popeship power prefectship prefecture premiership presidency presidentship primacy prime-ministership prime-ministry princedom princeship principality proconsulate proconsulship proctorship protectorate protectorship provostry provostship record rectorate rectorship regency regentship rule ruling class say seigniory seneschalship seneschalsy sheikhdom sheriffalty sheriffcy sheriffdom shrievalty sovereignty stewardship superintendence superintendency supervisorship supremacy suzerainship suzerainty sway top spot tribunate vizierate viziership zenith


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